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Primary and Preventative Care Services

Primary care is essential to your health, so you deserve only the very best care possible. At OccuMed Primary Care, we put our patients first. We deliver compassionate, effective medical care that is customized to your specific needs. Our preventative care strategies place an emphasis on our patients’ long-term goals. We believe every patient deserves the chance to speak freely about their private concerns with a doctor, since transparency is key to fully understanding your healthcare needs. That’s why our physician approaches every patient interaction with empathy and a willingness to share our time. Receiving healthcare shouldn’t feel like being put on an assembly line. At OccuMed Primary Care, we recognize each patient’s unique circumstances and offer personalized treatment.

Keeping Your Family Healthy

OccuMed Primary Care is here when your family experiences an illness or injury, but our services go way beyond treating bumps and cuts. We are here for you every step of the way on your journey to better health, and that includes offering primary and preventative care services to keep you and your entire family feeling your best. Every patient comes to our office with something unique: no matter the challenge, our physicians find effective treatments. We can integrate the services you need into a unique wellness regimen that helps you accomplish your wellness goals.

Our preventative services include:

  • Adult Immunizations
  • Adult Physical Examinations
  • Screening tests for cervical, breast, prostate, and colorectal cancers
  • STD screening
  • Lifestyle Counseling
  • Smoking Cessation
  • Obesity and Weight Loss Counseling
  • Medical Management
  • Well-Child Examinations
  • And more.

Preventative medicine works best when it is attuned to your specific needs: this is the philosophy that we operate on. We are confident that our patients will appreciate the personalized care that we deliver.


Many patients visit our office for a physical examination. Our physician performs these exams hands-on to identify potential signs of disease or injury. As a result, we can catch signs of illness before they progress to later stages or identify ways to help reduce the risk of certain chronic diseases. We also perform well-child examinations. Physicals are an important part of your long-term health since they provide our doctor with an objective glimpse into your current well-being.

Blood Testing

Blood tests provide an in-depth look into your current health. We can build an accurate picture of your current health through a range of blood tests. Diagnostics are key to helping our patients attain their health goals and mitigate the harmful long-term effects of illness. Blood tests can reveal illnesses before they reach their later stages, which makes treatment and even recovery more likely. If you’re interested in scheduling a particular type of blood test, please contact our office for details.

Referrals For Specialty Preventative Care

Some patients require specialty preventative care for the results that they need. This isn’t always available through a general practitioner, so our office provides specialty care referrals when appropriate. We can help patients find an individualized solution to their wellness-related needs.

Talk to Our Physician

Health should be your priority: your satisfaction is our highest goal. If you need innovative treatments to prevent or address a health issue, our team is here to assist you. OccuMed Primary Care delivers a full range of health services to help those in need of individualized care. We pride ourselves on combining compassionate care with knowledgeable guidance to help our patients feel their very best. If you would like to request additional information about our services, schedule an appointment via our website or call our office to set up an appointment – we can often accommodate same-day appointments.

Payment Options For Uninsured Patients

If you are not covered under a health insurance plan, please call us for a consultation at (219) 659-0333.

Insurances we Accept

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Why Choose OccuMed
Primary Care?

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Personalized Care

We care about what matters most to you.

You, your family, your goals, and your preferences are always at the center of your care. We work with you to build a unique treatment plan that meets your needs and the goals you want to accomplish.

Rethinking Healthcare image
Rethinking Healthcare

We offer compassionate, whole-person care.

We integrate health with the unique circumstances within your life to better understand you as a person. Our team is here to listen, learn, and communicate with you throughout your treatment to ensure your care always meets your needs.

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Health Expertise

We have a team of experts focused on you.

Depending on your unique needs, your care team may involve a variety of services that we have available onsite.

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