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Physical examinations are key to lifelong health. But there are instances in which a physician needs to take a closer look to see what is happening. X-rays and other imaging tools allow your physician to make informed decisions regarding your care. OccuMed Primary Care offers an extensive range of X-ray and imaging services to meet your individual healthcare needs.

Outstanding Care When You Need It the Most

At OccuMed Primary Care, your well-being is our highest priority. We offer a full range of wellness services to suit our patients’ needs. We understand that completing imaging tests can be stressful, especially if you aren’t sure what to expect. That’s why we listen carefully to you and attend to your needs the entire time. Depend on our compassionate team for the best care when you need it the most.


X-rays are used to take images of bones and tissues to diagnose a range of complications. An X-ray imaging study, or radiograph, involves a safe level of radiation to create these images. Healthcare providers use X-ray images to examine injuries such as broken bones and dislocated joints.

One of the most common uses of X-ray images is to help physicians diagnose a broken bone. However, they can be used for many other diseases and conditions if a physician believes the images will help to create a proper treatment plan. X-rays can be taken of many different parts of the body, such as the abdomen, bones, spine, mouth, and chest.

Who Needs X-Rays?

X-rays are safe for people of all ages, including babies, with the exception of pregnant women. Your physician might order X-ray imaging if you have the following conditions:

  • Fractured or broken bone
  • Pain or swelling
  • May have foreign objects in your body
  • Structural damage to soft tissues, joints, and bones
  • Need a routine screening for cancer

X-rays allow your provider to take a closer look at what may be impacting your health and devise a treatment plan that suits the results.

Other Imaging Procedures

If any advanced imaging, such as MRI, CT, or ultrasound, is needed, we will refer you to a local imaging facility. We are anticipating adding in-house ultrasound services in the future.

No matter what type of imaging test you need to complete, you can expect our caring team to help you each step of the way and deliver an outstanding experience. We do all we can to help you feel comfortable during the procedure.

Preparing For Your Imaging Tests

We will provide specific instructions based on the type of testing you are receiving. Generally, for X-rays, follow these guidelines for the best possible experience:

  • Don’t apply lotions, perfume, or creams before your appointment
  • Avoid wearing metal objects, such as jewelry or hairpins
  • If you are receiving a GI X-ray, do not eat or drink several hours prior to your appointment (as advised by your physician)
  • Wear comfortable clothes

Call Our Office Today to Schedule an Appointment

Some health issues require imaging tests for optimal treatment and management. OccuMed Primary Care is your best choice for compassionate, efficient care. Our team is ready to help you set up an appointment to complete your testing without hassle. Call us today to learn what we can do for you.

Payment Options For Uninsured Patients

If you are not covered under a health insurance plan, please call us for a consultation at (219) 659-0333.

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Personalized Care

We care about what matters most to you.

You, your family, your goals, and your preferences are always at the center of your care. We work with you to build a unique treatment plan that meets your needs and the goals you want to accomplish.

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Rethinking Healthcare

We offer compassionate, whole-person care.

We integrate health with the unique circumstances within your life to better understand you as a person. Our team is here to listen, learn, and communicate with you throughout your treatment to ensure your care always meets your needs.

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Health Expertise

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Depending on your unique needs, your care team may involve a variety of services that we have available onsite.

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